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Designer inspired by the occult.
  1. Reconnecting with my past lives has been a crucial process in this journey.
    It felt necessary to explore a new medium so I started to practice making patches.

    Most symbols chosen for this collection are pagan, rich with meaning.
    These patches are made out of raw denim. The fabric has been manipulated to have a papyrus type of texture. All designs are embroidered and free handed.

    Last night, I had the opportunity to help curate a DIY show in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    There were so many awesome people involved. I felt flattered to have strangers approach me to talk about the process of how these patches were made.
    My goal was to give them a mystical experience.

    I also met this girl from Atlanta, Georgia. She was making tattoos at the event and I felt the itch to get one.
    She gave me a Moon tattoo while the song “I’m your Venus” by Bananarama was playing in the background.
    I gave her a patch with the word WITCH in exchange.
    This experience was completely worth it.

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